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5 Best Ways to Stay Happy

5 Best Ways to Stay Happy


coronavirus disease (COVID-19), we stay home and we wash our hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water, we avoid close contact and we do not touch our mouth, nose and eyes when our hands are not clean. 

Nevertheless, we do not have to "switch off" friendship, we do not have to "lock down" our love. Let's stay positive!

1. Shopping with friends on Face Time/ Google Hangouts

Log on to and shop with your friends together on Face Time or Google Hangouts. Everyday during this period, our team continue to work and do the best, shipping all top quality products from Germany and Europe that you have ordered. 

Do choose with Express shipping to ensure your order arrives the soonest! 

Here, we sincerely thank you and salute to all pharmacists, dermatological companies staff, post office, FedEx and UPS Express courier staff. With them, we can share our love, we can send gifts to ourselves and our family and friends.  

Why not send a gift to your friend with Express Shipping?

2. Dress up at home

Take out your best outfit even your evening gown to wear at home, VicNic means, why not !? Let's be beautiful, princes and princesses.

3. Exercise more

When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. We have talked about earlier what kind of exercises you can all easily do them at home. You can review again on the last blog.

4. Teach the "oldies" to adopt new technology

Not everyone knows how to Face Time, Skype or Google video call etc. Why don't we take this opportunity to open up technology to the oldies. Surely, we should not visit physically. So, we have to be creative. First, use your phone to teach how to turn on a camera. Then, everything else is simple, because you can shown them all different buttons, log ins thorough the camera.

5. Pick up a new thing to learn

Hey, there are millions of serious courses, cooking recipes, DIY furnitures online. Why don't we take this time to learn something new that we always wnat to but we did not have a chance to! 






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