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Sale - Save up to 70 %
Sale - Save up to 70 %

L-Carnipure 1000 Mg Chewable Tablets 60 pcs

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  • An increased need for L-carnitine can occur during physical exertion, sport and have an unbalanced diet. Also pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly people should make sure they have an adequate supply of carnitine.

    • vegan certified
    production without animal ingredients
    • Original L-Carnipure ™ from Lonza
    • 100% pure L-Carnitine
    • Patented manufacturing process
    • 1,000 mg of L-carnitine per tablet
    • Ideal for endurance sports, figure training and weight training
    • lactose-free, gluten-free

    L-carnitine is mainly used by endurance athletes and in the context of body shaping and figure training used. Supply of L-carnitine helpful. Bodybuilding and strength training is one of those typical anaerobic loads.

  • Take the 1,000 mg MEGAMAX L-Carnitine tablets in the morning
    one tablet with some liquid before breakfast.

    As an endurance athlete, you can take 2 tablets with 1,000 mg L-carnitine daily. The best time to do this is then about an hour before training.

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