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Weleda Sage Deodorant 100 ml

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by Weleda
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  • The Weleda Sage Deodorant has the essential oils, including from sage, thyme and rosemary, inhibit body odor through their antibacterial effect and through a slightly astringen effect.

    • Fresh with a clean herbal fragrance
    Lemon juice and an extract from liquorice root enhance the deodorizing effect
    • Free from phthalates, aluminium salts and anti-perspirants

    Lemon juice and an extract from liquorice root enhance the deodorizing effect. The activity of the sweat glands is not impaired. Effectiveness and skin tolerance are dermatologically tested.

  • in a pump atomizer without propellant gas: easy to use, refillable and environmentally friendly.

  • water, mixture of natural essential oils, glycyrrhizic acid ammonium salt, sage oil, tea tree oil, alcohol