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Beauty Roller Transparent

by Walberg
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  • Walberg Beauty Roller Transparent - The Beauty Roller is the professional tool for micro-needling at home: a special role with 540 needles stainless steel and a needle length of 0.2 mm ensures a safe and painless application - for a healthier, more even and firmer looking complexion. Subsequent care products can now be easily absorbed by the skin. In addition, the Beauty Roller helps to soften fine lines and refine the skin and supports the skin's collagen production.

  • The Beauty Roller should be applied 2 to 3 times a week for about 5 minutes. The face is thoroughly cleaned before use. It should be 10 times horizontally, 10 times vertically and 10 times diagonally with gentle pressure roll over an area. Starting from the end, further over the cheeks, nose, chin, and finally the neck. Of course, you can use the beauty roller in other parts of the body such as the neckline. After applying a fine redness occurs. a serum can now be applied. You should complete the treatment with a soothing moisturizer.

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