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M.Asam Mega Sale
M.Asam Mega Sale

Beef Stick - Original 2 sticks x 10 packs

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  • A Vitakraft Beef Stick® Excites All the Hairy Friends!

    - 2 beef Stick in 1 pack
    - Extra high meat content, 90%
    - With vitamins and fiber
    - Break through grooves easily
    - Sugar free recipe
    - Without dyes
    - Without preservative substances
    - Without artificial flavor enhancers
    - In a freshly sealed tear-open package

    The original under the meat sticks convinces both large and small four-legged friends alike - with the unique, hearty taste, the absolutely delicious smell and an extra high meat content. Perfect for pampering, rewarding or simply for the small hunger between!

  • Meat and animal by-products 92.5% (beef, pork, game
    Vegetable products (potato starch)
    Cereals (rice)


    fat content 25.0%
    Humidity 33.0%
    Protein 30.0%
    Raw ash 9.0%
    Crude fiber 3.0%