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Primavera Siberian Spruce Needles Essential Oil 5 ml

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  • Primavera Siberian Spruce Needles is extracted by steam distillation. The twigs and needles used for the distillation are primarily harvested in wild during spring and autumn, because this is the time when the content of essential oils is particularly high.

    The spruce is an evergreen conifer. Spruces can reach heights of 30 to 60 meters. They are the bread tree of forestry. They are used to make construction timber, paper, cellulose and also musical instruments.

    Spruce needle is used in naturopathy for colds and to improve the air in the room.

    Fragrance note: head and heart note
    Fragrance profile: fresh, green, woody, spicy
    Fragrance effect: vitalizing
    Production: distillation
    Quality: NATRUE natural cosmetics, vegan wild collection

    The essential oil "Siberian spruce needles" is distilled from branches of the Siberian fir (botanical: Abies sibirica). In our language usage, the oil is referred to as so-called "spruce needle oil". The scent is forest-sweet, a typically fresh forest scent. The Siberian fir has a high proportion of monoterpene ester: This means that it has a strong anxiety-relieving, relaxing effect. This essential oil is therefore ideally suited for stress and mental imbalance.

  • Cosmetic for aroma care. Mix max. 10 drops with 50 ml organic almond oil *.

  • Abies Sibirica Oil, Limonene ** from wild collection

    ** natural component of the essential oil