Phyto Phytosquam Anti-dandruff Intensive Treatment Shampoo 100 ml

by Phyto
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  • Phyto PHYTOSQUAM anti-dandruff intensive treatment shampoo - The anti-dandruff intensive treatment shampoo fights dandruff quickly and gives the hair shine and softness. Fights dandruff quickly and gives the hair at the same time a new shine and smoothness.
    Active ingredients: The new Anti-Dandruff Intensive Shampoo freed by a titrated herbal anti-dandruff complex of black pepper and Guyanaholz in record time of stubborn dandruff and gives new shine and softness at the same time. An extract made of Japanese pagoda tree regenerates and provides an anti-relapse effect. Salicylic acid regulates cell renewal, while extraction of pasture cleans the scalp and soothes itching. Pirocton Olamin acts antifungal.

  • PHYTOSQUAM INTENSE is used in the treatment phase for 2 weeks. Apply to the scalp. Leave on for 5 to 7 minutes. Following contact with water, the cure transformed into a shampoo.

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