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Phyto Phytolium Anti-hair Loss Treatment 100 ml

by Phyto
  • Description
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  • Phyto Phytolium Anti-hair Loss for men belongs to the Phyto anti-hair loss range of products. It is designed to counteract hereditary hair loss and is is formuatled with 2 patents. From the first signs to moderate hair loss. The hair capital is preserved and the hair structure is strengthened.

    • Shiitake prevents oxidative stress, improves vascularization and stimulates growth factors.
    • Vitamin B3 strengthens the anchoring of the follicle and improves cohesion and the interfollicular structure.
    • Synergy of shiitake and vitamin B3 stimulates the production of sirtuins, the longevity proteins, which extend the life of the cells.
    • Bio-vectorized glycine prevents the miniaturization of cells and inhibits 5-alpha reductase.

    • Use every other day for 6 weeks
    • Shake the bottle first, then apply parting to the entire dry or damp scalp
    • Spread gently massaging in
    • Wash hands after use, rinse in case of eye contact
    • Use cure for 3 months for improved effectiveness
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