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Neutrogena Visibly Clear Anti Acne Light Therapy Stick

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  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear Anti Acne Light Therapy Stick - Rapid reduction of individual pimples -. Treatment in only 2 minutes *

    - Fast, targeted treatment of individual acne pimples
    - Anti-acne technology from the dermatological practice
    - Clinically confirmed effects **
    - Gentle to the skin, without UV, without chemicals
    - Anytime, anywhere use

    Light therapy is a clinically proven anti-acne treatment, which is already -used in dermatological practices for years. The rays of red and blue light softly penetrate the skin. The blue light fights acne-causing bacteria, while the red light reduces inflammation.

    The stick is suitable for mild to moderate acne on the face. It is not recommended for severe acne, as the corresponding effect has not been established.

    * Application recommended 3 times daily until the acne pimples back.

  • For best results, you should contact the Anti-Acne Light Therapy Stick 3 times apply daily for 2 minutes.

    Remove before the first application of the anti-acne phototherapy sticks the pull tab on the back of the unit.
    Wash your face - for example, with an anti acne cleansing product of visibly Clear® - and dry it off.
    Place the top of the unit to the area you would like to treat your face, - so that the upper end of the device touches your skin.
    Press the power button and hold it down until the unit beeps once to start the treatment. Each application takes 2 minutes.
    The Neutrogena® Anti-Acne Light Therapy Stick will automatically turn off after 2 minutes. The unit will beep twice, so you know that the application is complete.
    After applying the face can be maintained as usual with a face cream

    changing the battery

    When the light of the unit flickers and the unit beeps three times after you press the power button and 1 second've held, the battery of your device is low. Releasing the screw on the battery cover, sliding back the handle, and replace the AAA battery contained. Building the machine back together and make sure that the battery cover and screw firmly seated and secured before you use the device again. Please follow the local regulations for disposal of battery-powered devices.

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