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Sale - Save up to 70 %
Sale - Save up to 70 %

Neo Ballistol Home Remedies Liquid 50 ml

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  • A successful helper in every household for over 70 years.

    • Regenerates, relaxes and revitalizes stressed skin
    • Ideal for post-wound treatment
    • Relieves the itching
    • Promotes blood circulation when massaging
    • Dry, rough and flaky skin becomes soft and elastic
    • Cares for the skin after shaving
    • Made from herbal ingredients and medically pure white oil
    • Free of synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives
    • Suitable for sensitive skin
    • Clinically tested, it also prevents bedsores
    • Dermatologically and allergologically tested with very good


  • For dry, rough and flaky skin. Apply NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies and massage in until the oil is completely absorbed. Brittle, dry skin becomes soft and elastic again, cracks disappear and calluses recede or can easily be removed with regular massaging. With flaky skin, NEO-BALLISTOL supports the regeneration, the horn particles become soft and come off. Itching is significantly reduced by massaging in NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies. The peppermint oil contained in NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies has an itch-reducing effect due to its cooling effect.

    Even fingernails and toenails remain elastic with NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies and do not become brittle, thus preventing nail breakage. With regular care you will also prevent nail ingrowth. NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies are also suitable for all foot care, e.g. B. before jogging. Preventive massaging with NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies keeps the foot supple while running and prevents blistering. On long bike tours, it prevents the saddle from rubbing.

    When working in the workshop and wherever the hands are particularly stressed, NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies have proven themselves as skin protection and care. Rub it in before work, the skin remains protected and does not become brittle. In addition, hands can be cleaned easily and without great effort after work.

    NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies have proven to be excellent as massage oil, not only in massage practices, but also in hospitals and old people's homes. There it is also used successfully to prevent bedsores. Sores and pressure points remain so well supplied with blood that the dreaded bed sores do not even occur.

    You can also use NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies to remove make-up. The skin is invigorated by its cooling / warm effect, pores clogged by the make-up are released and the stressed facial skin has time to regenerate. For acne breakouts, it helps loosen the sebum that leads to breakouts. After shaving, it cares for the skin and relieves razor burn. NEO-BALLISTOL home remedies can also be used as a lip balm.

    NEO-BALLISTOL is regularly tested for sterility during production. Due to its disinfecting effect, it can be used for wound treatment. It cares for and protects the new skin and prevents scarring.

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