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Primavera Myrrh Essential Oil 5 ml

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  • Myrrh is the name given to the resin of the myrrh tree, which is native to northeast Africa. The myrrh tree can grow up to 10 meters high; The resin flows through incisions in the bark and hardens to form small red-brown resin tears. Myrrh is used in naturopathy for oral care, skin problems, stomach and intestinal problems, as well as colds and joint problems. In perfumery it serves as a fixative.

    Fragrance profile herbaceous
    Fragrance effect grounding
    Fragrance note Base note
    quality NATRUE natural cosmetics, vegan, IHTN
    Skin effect Acne, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, caring for the skin
    Need / application hostile to bacteria, exhaustion & stress, women's health, mouth & gums, scars
    Botanical name Commiphora molmol
    origin Ethiopia, Somalia
  • Cosmetic for aromatic care of the skin. Mix max. 15 drops in 50 ml organic PRIMAVERA almond oil.

  • Commiphora Myrrha Oil