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  • M Asam Collagen Boost Set of Serum (35 ml), Eye Cream (15 ml), 24h Cream (50 ml) & Body Cream (100 ml)

- 338% * increased collagen production Compacting, firming & restructuring effect

- Defines the contours & noticeably smoothes the skin


There are many external factors that can negatively affect the aging of our skin. For example, the skin's own collagen production decreases with increasing age. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, firmness and elasticity as early as 20 years. This visible slackening of the contours makes us appear older without wrinkles. It is therefore all the more important to prevent early premature skin aging and to counteract this volume loss. The products of the Collagen Boost series noticeably increase the elasticity of the skin and promote long-lasting new growth of the skin's own collagen. Soy isoflavones (soybean hormone-active substances) and Collageneer® (a natural extract from white lupine seeds) are able to stimulate natural collagen synthesis and counteract the skin's own degradation mechanisms. Macadamia nut oil is very similar in composition to the skin's own lipids and is therefore particularly suitable for the care of sensitive and dry skin.




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