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Water Filter Replacement Cartridges 1 pcs

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  • Lotus Vita Water Filter Replacement Cartridges is Worldwide Unique: Turns Tap Water into Fresh Water of a Mountain Spring

    • Like in the nature, the tap water seeps through 3 different filter layers for purification
    • Filter level 1 removes harmful substances such as pollutants, limestone, nitrate and heavy metals
    • Filter level 2 provides guaranteed best filtering performance of almost all known types of pollution in tap water
    • Filter level 3 has the unique PiVitalis technology to refine your water with natural minerals and restructure the water molecules into its natural structure
    • Unique in this category worldwide
    • Water is regenerated, and vitalised with essential natural minerals
    • Guaranteed bisphenol free: food suited SAN plastic

    Clean water is the source of life. It’s especially essential, where tap water tends to contain pollutants and other harmful substances. The Lotus Vita water filters offer more than just the filtration of lime. Like in the nature, your tap water seeps through different filter layers until it turns into a high quality purified, mild and soft water. Thanks to the different filter layers, the water is regenerated, and vitalised with essential minerals from the nature. This way, Lotus Vita water filters turn ordinary tap water into precious water, which resembles the fresh water of a mountain spring in its quality.

    Lotus Vita has developed a worldwide unique 3 stages filter cartridge. In contrast to ordinary water filters, the water runs through these 3 stages one after another and each filter level performs its particular function.

    Filter Level 1

    In the first level, the water flows through an ion exchanger which removes limestone, nitrate and heavy metals. The activated carbon in this filter level removes or reduces harmful substances such as pollutants.

    Filter Level 2

    In the second filter level, the water runs through high-quality activated carbon with an excellent iodine retention of 1200. That means, guaranteed best filtering performance of almost all known types of pollution in tap water.

    Filter Level 3

    In filter level 3, the unique PiVitalis technology with highly developed ingredients of magnesium, calcium, various ceramics with tourmaline and many other ingredients transform the tap water into spring water. The water then flows through quartz sand, which restores the water with its natural positive charge. Due to the changing influence of the different charge layers on the water, smaller water molecule clusters are formed. An additional magnetic technology in the cartridge supports this process and re-structures the water molecules. The effective micro organism ceramik gives the water the last refinement for a 100% pure taste like fresh water from a mountain spring.

    Lotus Vita products are created specifically to deal with the needs and challenges of modern life in a high-speed society. They will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

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    Lotus Vita One Water Filter
    Lotus Vita Esprit Water Filter

    Package Contains

    1 x Lotus Vita Replacement Filter Cartridges

  • Use Filter cartridges maximum 3 months. If you filter 8 liters daily, use maximum for 2 months.

    Pre-filter Microsponge approx. 6 months. Fits for Lotus One, Lotus Esprit.