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Sale - Save up to 70 %
Sale - Save up to 70 %

Lens Care Pentazyme Protein Remover Tablets 12 pcs

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  • Protein removal tablets for thorough pre-cleaning. 

    The proteins on the surface of the contact lens reduce wearing comfort, visual performance and the oxygen supply to the eye . In extreme cases, they can also cause allergic reactions in the eyes or lead to conjunctivitis (conjunctivitis).

    A light protein remover is already integrated in the Lenscare All-In-One solutions "Kombi-Plus" and "Kombi-MultiAction" and also in the peroxide systems.

  • In order to prevent stubborn protein deposits , the contact lenses are pre-cleaned accordingly once a week. Todothis , one protein removal tablet (Lenscare Penta-Zyme) per contact lens is dissolved in saline. The enzymes contained split off the proteins from the contact lens surface (exposure time 2 - 3 hours). Then the solution is thrown away and the contact lenses are disinfected and stored as usual.

    The additional protein removal by Lenscare Penta-Zyme should be used as required for monthly lenses and once a week for annual lenses as a precaution .

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