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M.Asam Mega Sale
M.Asam Mega Sale

GALL PHARMA L-Arginine 400 mg Capsules 120 pcs

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  • GALL PHARMA L-Arginine 400 mg capsules contain 400 mg of arginine in a hard gelatine capsule. Large amounts of arginine are found in cheese, eggs, milk and especially meat. As a semi-essential amino acid, it should be taken more frequently under certain stressful situations, such as during training or under stress. Arginine is important for the metabolism of the muscles and in this context has a key function in the deposition, transport and excretion of nitrogen. Creatine, one of the high-energy compounds in muscles, is made from arginine. Arginine also plays an important role in liver metabolism. As a source of NO, this amino acid, together with L-lysine, is crucial for lymphocyte proliferation.

    GALL PHARMA L-Arginine 400 mg capsules is a dietary supplement with the amino acid L-arginine

    • Free from lactose
    • Gluten free
    • Free from yeast

  • 2000 mg daily = 5 capsules.

  • L-arginine (80%); Capsule shell: gelatin; Colorants in the capsule shell: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, Ponceau 4 R, quinoline yellow (can impair activity and attention in children!), Patent blue V; Release agent: magnesium salts of fatty acids.