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Kneipp St. Johns Wort Dragees H 240 pcs

by Kneipp
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  • For inner balance, strengthens the nerves

    With the natural potency of the medicinal plant. Also suitable for longer periods of use. Gluten-free and without milk sugar.

    Nervous stresses such as diverse stimulus overload in private and professional areas as well as too little time can lead to inner imbalance. St. John's wort dragees H improve the condition and thus naturally promote serenity and balance.

    St. John's wort is a proven medicinal plant of traditional European medicine. One St. John's wort dragee H contains 300 mg St. John's wort powder. The Kneipp plants only use high-quality, flower-rich St. John's wort for these plant dragées. During the harvest, care is taken to ensure that only the upper, particularly rich parts of the plant are harvested and processed.