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Kneipp Bath Crystals Pampering Set 4x60 g

by Kneipp
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  • Kneipp® bath crystals pampering set away the health- promoting effects of bath salts in a 4-piece pampering set.

    Kneipp® Bath Crystals Carefree Contains
    natural essential oil of lemon and nourishing sunflower oil. The tangy, light citrus scent lets you forget all worries around you. Feel carefree and let yourself go.

    Kneipp® Pure Relaxation Contains
    valuable essential oil of Indian balm and the extract of lemon balm. They give you a soothing and relaxing bathing experience.

    Kneipp® bath crystals fountain of youth
    Contain high quality pomegranate extract and natural essential oils. The tangy, fruity scent activates the body and mind, giving you new momentum in everyday life. Caring amaranth oil pampers the skin and makes the skin feel supple.

    Kneipp® bath crystals Happy break
    The Kneipp® bath crystals Happy break with natural oils from red poppy seeds and hemp give you well-being and beautiful moments. The atmospheric, cheerful scent relaxes body and mind in everyday stress and tension.

    In interaction with the beneficial effects of warm water, the nourishing and essential oils unfold their natural care and fragrance effect in their unique combination.

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