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Hermes Cevitt Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets Orange

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  • HERMES Cevitt® Orange Effervescent
     Contains sodium compounds and sorbitol
     1 effervescent tablet provides 1000 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

    If you want to supplement your diet with calcium or magnesium in addition to vitamin C, then HERMES Cevitt® + Magnesium or HERMES Cevitt® + Calcium in the flavors currant or blood orange are the best choice.• Also in combination with magnesium or calcium as a dietary supplement
     • Vitamin C is so important, more than any other nutrient for our defense. No wonder, ascorbic acid supports the formation of immune cells and acts as a • antioxidant against free radicals. The problem: When the immune system is particularly required, for example in case of stress, our body uses more vitamin C.
     In addition, vitamin C can not be stored long the body due to its water solubility. Here is a specific supply of high-dose vitamin C is in demand!
     The solution: Cevitt® effervescent tablets. These contain not only vitamin C in high doses, but bring thanks to a unique manufacturing process, numerous other advantages. Thus the effervescent tablets dissolve quickly and without residue, also aroma and ingredients remain even when the tube is opened long stable. In binder was deliberately omitted.

    HERMES Cevitt® effervescent tablets - advantages at a glance

    The unique TOPO granulation process from Hermes research guarantees a consistently high quality:

    - No adhesives
    - Fast and almost residue-free dissolution of the effervescent tablet (no sediment, no greasy rim on the glass)
    - Aroma and ingredients stay stable for a long time (even when the tube is open)
    - Uniform distribution of ingredients

    Why vitamin C is so important

    Vitamin C supports our immune cells and acts as an antioxidant against free radicals. If the immune system is particularly demanding, our body consumes significantly more "ascorbic acid", as vitamin C is scientifically called. Since vitamin C is water-soluble and thus can not be stored by the body for long periods of time, it is very important to have sufficient intake - especially during the wet and cold season. By the way, it is very difficult to overdose with vitamin C because excess vitamin C is simply excreted by the body

  • Cevitt® Orange should not be used if you are hypersensitive to ascorbic acid or the ingredients of Cevitt® Orange.
     The application indicated amounts should not be exceeded in pregnancy and lactation. Pregnant and nursing women should ask for advice before using the doctor or pharmacist.
     For certain pre-existing conditions (for example, kidney stones from oxalate) special caution in the use of Cevitt® Orange is required. Please refer to the package insert them.
     Applications: HERMES Cevitt® Orange is a vitamin C preparation for the treatment of vitamin C deficiency diseases.

  • 1 effervescent tablet provides 1000 mg ascorbic acid (vitamin C).