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Sale - Save up to 70 %

Eucerin pH5 Lotion F 200 ml

by Eucerin
  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Eucerin pH5 Lotion F - Reduces skin sensitivity

    A rich body lotion that delivers long-lasting moisturisation, making skin more resilient and less sensitive.

    Rich body lotion for very, dry sensitive skin

    Very dry, sensitive skin is easily irritated by environmental triggers, making it even more sensitive. It requires more than a gentle moisturizer to become less sensitive.

    Rich but gentle, Eucerin pH5 Lotion F has been specially formulated to provide intense hydration for very dry, sensitive body skin and make it more resilient and less sensitive. The unique Eucerin pH Balance System contains pH5 Citrate Buffer to restore and support skin’s optimal pH. The formula also includes Dexpanthenol, an active ingredient known for its regenerative properties.

    Use daily for soft, smooth skin.

    Clinical and dermatological studies prove very good efficacy and skin tolerability for dry, sensitive skin

    For daily intensive care on sensitive, allergy-stressed, dry skin. Activates skin regeneration. Protects against drying. The latest study results of the Department of Dermatology Berlin show that the application of pH5 Lotion F significantly reduces the penetration of pollen into the skin and thus reduces the allergy burden.

    • Gives the skin valuable lipids and moisture
    • Activates the skin generation
    • Protects against drying out
    • Significantly reduces the penetration of pollen allergens into the skin
    • Also for daily care of allergy-stressed skin (immediate type, such as hay fever)
    • Excellent efficacy and skin tolerance - even on diseased skin - in clinical trials, etc. confirmed in cooperation with the DAAB
    • To ensure optimal and skin-friendly use of Eucerin products, personal advice from a pharmacist or PTA is recommended, especially for initial purchases.

    The unique Eucerin pH5 Enzyme Protection has been proven to activate the skin's own enzymes, strengthening the barrier function of the skin. In this way, pollen is prevented from penetrating the skin. The pH5 citrate buffer stabilizes the skin's own pH and strengthens the acid mantle of the skin. Highly concentrated dexpanthenol has a moisturizing and regenerating effect. With skin-protecting vitamin E.

  • • Apply daily (or more regularly if appropriate) after showering or bathing.
    • Massage gently until completely absorbed.
    • For best results, use in combination with a body cleanser from the Eucerin pH5 range.

  • Aqua
    Citric Acid
    Isopropyl Stearate
    Magnesium Sulfate
    Paraffinum Liquidum
    Polyglyceryl-2 Dipolyhydroxystearate
    Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate
    Sodium Citrate
    Tocopheryl Acetate

    1ml Lotion enthält:

    Active Ingredients:
    50 mg Dexpanthenol
    DL-?-Tocopherol acetat

    Paraffin, dickflüssiges
    Benzyl salicylat
    Polyglycerol-2 dipolyhydroxystearat
    Magnesiumsulfat, getrocknetes
    Wasser, gereinigtes
    Natrium citrat
    Kalium sorbat