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Eucerin Deodorant 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump-Spray 30 ml

by Eucerin
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Original price €12,95
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  • Eucerin Deodorant 72h Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump-Spray - Long lasting protection against heavy sweating

    This mild formula deodorant protects against odour, and is suitable even if you have sensitive or deo-intolerant skin.

    Eucerin’s Deodorant Anti-Transpirant Intensive Pump-Spray has been designed for people suffering from excessive sweating. Its unique 72 h formula gives you reliable, long-lasting protection against heavy sweating and odour. It contains a high concentration of two highly effective anti-perspirant ingredients: Aluminium Chlorohydrate (ACH) and Aluminium Chloride (AC). AC penetrates deeper into the sweat pores, giving longer-lasting protection between applications. 

    Reduces excessively effective excessive sweating & body odor for a safe, dry skin feel up to 72h -91% sweat reduction clinically confirmed

    The combination with aluminum chlorohydrates and aluminum chloride reduces excessive perspiration & body odor - only 4 skin-friendly ingredients

    skin type
    Suitable for all skin types

    • reducing excessive perspiration and body odor
    • Even with excessive sweating, hyperhidrosis and stress-related sweating
    • The fragrance-neutral, concentrated formula with only four ingredients is gentle to the skin, despite its high level of effectiveness

  • • To regulate your sweat production to a normal level, apply in the evening on clean, dry and non-irritated skin.
    • In the morning after application shower as normal. There is no need to use an additional deodorant.
    • Apply on the first three days every evening – then every second evening or as needed.
    • The frequency of use required will then decrease over time. In case of skin irritation, extend the time period between the single applications. If skin irritation persists over a longer period of time use must be suspended.
    • Avoid contact with the eyes.
    Leave to dry before putting on clothes or jewellery to prevent staining
    • Keep out of reach of children.

  • Aqua
    Aluminum Chlorohydrate
    Aluminum Chloride

    Active Ingredients:

    Wasser, gereinigtes