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Energybody Creatine 100% Creapure 500 g

  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Energybody Creatine is the supplement with scientifically proven performance increase

    - Performance support in training has been demonstrated
    - Supports weight gain
    - Ideal for fitness and sporting activities
    - Highest purity, highest quality

    Creatine is an important energy supplier for intensive and explosive training and fitness exercise. A creatine supplementation supports performance and power for fitness-athletes and bodybuilders. However, it also applies to other sportspersons like soccer players, badminton players, and runners, and they can profit from the use of creatine!

    Who should consume it?
    Creatine has proven to be particularly useful for fitness sportsmen, cross-fit athletes, bodybuilders and powerlifters, to increase workout performance and increase body weight. In the meantime, however, other sports persons such as soccer players, basketball players, and badminton players have also discovered the supplementation with creatine, since the supplement has been proven in research to increase the performance.
    Best with

    With Energybody Carbo Booster, to optimize the energy supply before the workout and thus, increase the strength and performance during the training
    With amino acids. For example, l-arginine plays an important role in the protein metabolism which is important for building muscle
    With high-quality protein powder, which helps to build up and maintain muscle mass, especially after intensive training sessions

  • Consumption
    Stir 3 g of Creatine 100 % Creapure® ( = 1 short teaspoon) per day for 4 weeks into a beverage with carbohydrates like fruit juice. Make a break after this period for 4 weeks.

    Important Information: Creatine 100 % Creapure® is not suitable for the permanent use. Don’t exceed the daily dosage of 3 g. Weight gain is possible if you use the product regularly. The product is not to be used for children and adolescents. 
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  • Ingredients 
    Creatine monohydrate.
    100 ml of the ready to use product (3 g powder mixed with water) deliver 0 kJ (0 kcal).The nutritional values change if you use other preparations.