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Electrical Nose Vacuum 1 pcs

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    OLAF® the elephantastic nasal aspirator for at home and on the go is a particularly effective and hygienic solution to get the baby's nose free.

    Is sucking a nose a difficult procedure with OLAF?
    No, absolutely not. The OLAF nasal aspirator removes unwanted secretions from baby's nose within seconds.

    What is the most effective way to vacuum my baby's nose?
    In order to perform the suction effectively, carefully hold the other nostril closed during the suction process.

    This process can be gently repeated after a short break until the nasal secretions are completely sucked out.

    My two children have a cold. Can I use the nasal aspirator for both?
    The delivery includes 3 different colored (pink, blue, white) silicone tips.

    To avoid disease transmission, please use a separate silicone tip for each child and sterilize it after each use.

    How long should I use the nasal aspirator?
    As long as your baby has a cold. You can safely use the device as needed.

    Does nasal suction have any side effects?
    Yes, and only positive: Your baby drinks better and sleeps more easily when the nose is clear.

    Babies feel better immediately when they can breathe deeply.

    Insert new batteries into the device the right way round.
    To switch on, press the button firmly.

    Let the device run near the child for a while so that the baby can get used to the hum.
    The right essay

    The 3 silicone attachments supplied are suitable for:

    • White for strong nasal secretions.
    • Blue for regular, thin nasal secretions.
    • Pink for newborns from 0 to 3 months.

    Olaf® nasal aspirator use with babies

  • Tips for use

    • Check whether the device is in a perfectly hygienic condition.
    • Make sure the silicone tip is firmly seated.
    • Insert the silicone tip for a period of 3 to max. 5 seconds to the nostril.
    • With small children, only apply the silicone tip gently to the nostril. Under no circumstances press forcefully into the nostril! Risk of injury!
    • In the case of thick or dried-on secretions, it can be helpful to rinse the child's nose before using the device. Your doctor or pharmacist can explain nasal rinsing to you.
    • In order to suckle effectively, carefully hold the other nostril closed while sucking. The process can be gently repeated after a short break until the nasal secretions are completely sucked out. After that, you should clean the device.
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