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Ducray Keracnyl PP Cream 30 ml

by Ducray
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  • Ducray keracnyl PP Cream acts against blemishes and combats the main cause of skin inflammation (tallow, bacteria, irritation) with a proven soothing formulation. This cosmeceutical cream supports your skin with an innovative active ingredient. The innovative active ingredient Myrtacin® has a special function here: Myrtacin® destroys the protective coat of acne bacteria and makes it more difficult for bacteria such as P. acnes to spread in the sebaceous glands, and thus optimally cares for inflamed pimples.

    The Ducray keracnyl PP Cream is an optimum care for blemished skin and acne should provide hydration - but without greasing and clogging the sebaceous glands even further. The cream moisturizes for 6 hours from the first water-based application.

    The revolutionary Ducray keracnyl PP Cream is effective in pimples after just 1 week, helping to reduce the development and spread of inflammation. Vitamin PP has an anti-inflammatory effect and maintains skin hydration. This Ducray keracnyl PP Cream can be used both alone and in combination with external medical acne products, such as As antibiotic-containing ointments used. It supports the effects of acne therapy.

     • Active ingredients includes Myrtacin®, Vitamin PP and Sabal extract
     • With red and inflammatory pimples
     • As sole care or supplemental in the acne treatment with medicated ointments and creams
     • For daily facial care
     • As a make-up foundation

    Did you know?
    Myrtacin® is a multi-active plant extract obtained by the Laboratoires Drcray from the Mediterranean myrtle. The herbal ingredients of Myrtacin® help the skin defend against bacteria like P. acnes. P. acnes protects itself from the body's own defense mechanisms by forming a protective film.

    Myrtacin® has two effects on this protective coating: Firstly, the protective film becomes unstable, making it more difficult to multiply the bacterium. Secondly, the new formation of the protective film is reduced so that new bacteria can not even build up protection.

    In addition, this dual attack on the protective film can improve the effectiveness of applied antibiotic-containing creams and ointments.

  • Morning and evening massage to the face.

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