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Intensive Cream For Cracked Heels 75 ml

by Compeed
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  • Compeed Intensive Cream For Cracked Heels provides significantly more moisture to the skin in case of complaints by extremely dry, cracked skin. The formula, with their unique combination of 10% urea and 5% lactic acid for optimal moisture in the skin. It acts as an exfoliant, which itself is extremely hardened, dry cracks visibly improved.

    Dry skin often develops when the skin loses its natural ability to retain moisture. The balanced in normal skin ratio of lipids (fats) and humidity is impaired in dry skin. Thus, the barrier function of the skin is reduced in its effectiveness. Extremely dry skin on the heels can tear over time. When standing, such fissures are often painful and can untreated major problems for the long term if the open wounds inflamed.

    Thanks to its unique formula Compeed Intensive Cream For Cracked Heels, compares to many other foot creams for dry skin and cracks, is cosmetically superior. It absorbs quickly and leaves no greasy film.
    Compeed Intensive Cream For Cracked Heels shows the following advantages:
     • Hydrates dry skin
     • Visible improvement of fissures within days
     • Complete regeneration itself deeper skin cracks within four weeks
     • Increases resistance of the skin to re-cracking
     • Same effectiveness as foot creams with 40% urea content
     • Also in diabetics safe and effective

  • Apply twice daily generously to dry, rough skin to the skin look beautiful and to feel smoother.