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Sale on all lip balms

Cold Cream No. 2 Calcium Phosphoricum (Anti aging) 150 ml

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  • Coldcreme No. 2 Calcium Phosphoricum (Anti aging) is a care for dry, scaly, and demanding aging skin. Coldcreme No. 2 Calcium Phosphoricum (Anti aging) is also for growth and regeneration. It contains calcium phosphoricum (calcium phosphate), the Schüssler salt "for growth and 'regeneration'. It should give signals to the cells, which mobilize the protein metabolism, the immune system and the cell renewal and thus promote the tissue structure.

    Coldcreme No. 2 Calcium Phosphoricum (Anti aging) can be applied to care:

    • With dry, scaly skin
    • In particularly demanding skin
    • For mature skin
    • Firming of the skin
    • After Dr. Schuessler is used as a restorative for calcium phosphoricum internally after serious illnesses and in the recovery phase. Especially after bone fractures, support with this mineral is indicated.

    What is cold cream?

    The principle of cold cream is based on a special ratio of valuable lipids and aqueous components. Moisture and heat loss through the skin can be reduced. With the formula originally developed in ancient Greece by the physician Galen, if they could afford it, generations of people were already taking care of each other. Also Sissi, the Austrian Empress, swore on her cold cream and had it prepared by her own court pharmacist. Strathmann's cold cream formula combines, following the teachings of Dr. med. Schüssler, the nourishing properties of the cream with the ingredients of selected mineral salts.

    Dr. Schüssler, a doctor from Oldenburg and a homeopath, discovered the importance of 12 essential, healing mineral salts in the 19th century. He justified his biochemical treatment.

    The principle of biochemistry according to Dr. med. Schuessler states that minerals are offered to the body's cells as "functional agents" in such a way that they can develop their specific effect within the cells. For this purpose, the mineral salts are taken in a defined potentiation.

    But also the skin offers with its large surface a direct access for the mineral salts. Embedded in the texture of the cold cream, the minerals recommended by Schüssler are presented to the skin cells in order to develop their signal effect.

  • 1g Creme enthält
    • 1 g Tricalciumbis(phosphat)
    • D-Limonen
    • Linalool
    • Glycerol linolat
    • Glycerol linolenat
    • Parfüm
    • Isopropyl palmitat
    • Benzyl salicylat
    • Cetylstearylalkohol
    • Zimtalkohol
    • Citronellol
    • Vaselin, gelbes
    • Geraniol
    • Wasser, gereinigtes
    • Wollwachsalkohole