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Seaweed Lip Balm 1 pc

  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • With the complex of a seaweed extract, rich shea butter and calendula extract the handy pen nourishes the lips smooth and supple. It ideally protects against environmental influences such as cold or drought and can be used for this purpose for nose and ears.

     • based on vegetable oils
     • protects against severe cold influences
     • ideal for lips and other exposed areas of the face such as the nose or ears
     • also protects the delicate eye area
     • paraffin and mineral oil-free
     active ingredients:
     • Shea Butter
     • Seaweed extract
     • extract of the marigold
     • vanillin
    Of the tooth and lip balm on deodorants to hand care Biomaris offers quality products for a fresh and neat appearance here. Salt of powerful sea water, nourishing oils and mild agents for daily care. For the refreshing kick in the morning and throughout the day! Sea salt, sea water, mild and valuable oils are the basis of these products for daily care.

  • Use the pen several times a day for the care of the lips. To protect against drought or cold, use it as needed for nose and ears.