Beard Basic Package: Beard Oil x After Shave

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  • Eric Barbier Beard Basic Package: Beard Oil x After Shave is specially created for Twitter guru Fahd collection. Shop during promotional period and get great discount! 

    • Eric Barbier Beard Oil - Our beard oil is made exclusively from cold-pressed oils and comes completely without synthetic ingredients and preservatives.

      The natural quality of our oil has an extremely nourishing effect, without leaving a greasy film on the beard hair. The beard oil is ideally used after the beard wash to reduce scaling of the skin and to give the beard a pleasant nourishing protection. The mahogany oil provides a distinctive woody and subtly masculine fragrance and is especially suitable for men with dry skin.  Silicones free, paraben free, vegan,  made in Germany.

    • Eric Barbier Aftershave - This aftershave is designed for men with sensitive skin and frequently ingrown hair.

      For the first time, this aftershave works without alcohol and prevents painful burning and itching of the skin through the use of natural oils. Thanks to our special care formula, it creates a pleasant feeling on the skin and provides the skin with sufficient moisture. The cleansing effect of the natural oils simultaneously reduces skin tensions and skin irritations of the regrowing beard hair. Silicones free, paraben free, sulfate free, vegan, made in Germany.




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