Organic Potato Flour (starch), Gluten-Free 250 g

by Bauck
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  • The gluten-free organic potato flour starch is like other cornflour for thickening sauces and dishes. When baking bread, cakes or pies, the potato flour is a great addition. Replace some of the flour (max. Half!) With the potato flour. The dough becomes very loose.

    The Bauckhof is one of the oldest organic farms in Germany. Besides the production of health food, we operate certified organic agriculture, a social therapy facility, a bakery, a dairy, a guesthouse, a wind turbine and more. No use of genetically modified organisms or genetically modified raw materials, without the use of preservatives and additives. Residue analysis of the individual additives.

  • Organic Potato Flour (starch), gluten free is a fine starch from the best potatoes. Ideal for baking, desserts, creams, cold fruit soups, sauces and soups.

    Store cool and dry. Gluten free, without flavor, without synth. Dyes without synth. Preservative, pure organic, unsweetened.

  • Contains no declarable additives

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