Organic Muesli Crispy 425 g

by Bauck
  • Description
  • Application
  • Ingredients
  • Crunchy cereal with pure spelt

    Our Demeter spelled comes from biodynamic farmers mostly from northern Germany. Together with the farms, we would like to actively contribute to the preservation and promotion of soil fertility and environmental protection in the region. We use old original types of dinkels such as "Oberkulmer Rotkorn" and "Schwabenkorn".

  • Ideal for breakfast with milk, juice or curd or for baking bread, rolls, biscuits, Müzliriegeln inter alia.

    Store cool and dry Gluten free, without flavor, without synth. Dyes without synth. Preservative without white sugar, pure vegetable.

  • Contains no declarable additives

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