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Autopen 3 Ml Of 1 Unit 1 pcs

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  • The insulin pen for an easy injection. Autopen classic, 1 - 21 units in dosing steps of 1 unit each

    The Autopen® insulin pen makes injecting insulin as easy as possible, even for younger users and people with motor impairments.

    Autopen® is a reusable insulin pen that can be equipped with exchangeable ampoules and is compatible with all pen needles. It has a unique side release mechanism that makes injection and handling even easier.

    The automatic insulin delivery ensures that, regardless of the amount of insulin, only minimal force is required for the injection. This makes the pen particularly suitable for patients with limited strength in their hands.

    Autopen® has a rotary knob for setting the dose with an audible step grid and clearly visible displays to facilitate correct dosing.

    The Autopen® offers helpful accessories for an even easier injection for people with limited mobility of the hands and gripping force and better control of the dosage. Accessory components include an attachment for the release button, which makes it easier to press the release button, and an adapter for the dosing knob, which makes it easier to turn.

    Autopen® insulin pen is compatible with all common pen needles from brand manufacturers and is available in two model variants: Autopen®24 for use with insulin cartridges from SANOFI and Autopen® Classic for use with insulin cartridges from Lilly and Wockhardt.

    Product advantages:

    Simplifies the injection of insulin and promotes adherence to therapy
    Thanks to the low expenditure of force for the injection and user-friendliness, it is also suitable for patients with motor impairments
    Suitable for all patients

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