Organic Aronia Juice 0,7 l

by Aronia
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  • Aronia is European Super Food.The Aronia juice impresses with its intense, dark color and unique, slightly bitter taste. The organic quality seal assures you the best quality of quality raw materials.

    To protect the valuable ingredients of the juice even better, a special amber glass bottle was developed, opaque, and therefore is also heavier than conventional bottles.

    What is the Aronia Berry?
    The dark purple Aronia berry is full of natural vitality. It is comparable in size to a blueberry and taste rather sweet süßerlich-tart. With its power of nature, the Aronia berry are seen as the European Super Food, and have many followers.

    This organic Aroniabeerensaft impresses with its unique, sweet-sour-bitter taste. The Bio Aroniabeerensaft of Aronia ORIGINAL is rich in manganese. The trace element is essential for cell protection and energy metabolism. Please note that though a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important.

  • 100 ml daily, pure or diluted, after eating.
    Recommendation: Daily 100 ml after or during a meal.
    Store in cool after opening and consume quickly.

  • Contains no declarable additives