Pronutra Pre Baby Formula Safebox 800 g

by Aptamil
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  • Pronutra Pre Baby Formula Safebox is tailored to the nutritional requirements of your baby from birth and supports its future development with the researched Pronutra ™ formula. Scientists and Aptamil experts have been researching the mother's milk for more than 40 years, and are continually developing milk production, so that they always meet the latest recommendations from nutritionists.

    • From birth as a sole food or feed
    • Can be given as often and as much as the needs of your baby
    • LCP Milupan®: LCPs are long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are particularly important in the first months of life, as they can not be sufficiently formed by babies themselves.
    • Patented GOS / FOS *: A unique fiber blend developed in Aptamil research
    • Only lactose
    Nutrition Notice: The unique composition of the mother's milk provides your baby from the first day all the nutrients it needs to develop age-appropriate. Breastfeeding is therefore the best for your baby. In this early phase of life important processes like the structure of the immune system and the development of the brain take place, in which the right diet has an important influence.

  • Demineralized whey powder (from milk), vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, coconut, sunflower oil, Mortierella alpina), lactose (milk), skimmed milk, oligosaccharides (galactooligosaccharides (milk), fructooligosaccarides), whey protein concentrate (milk) ), Calcium carbonate, fish oil, potassium chloride, potassium citrate, magnesium chloride, vitamin C, choline chloride, emulsifier (soy lecithin), taurine, sodium citrate, calcium orthophosphate, iron II sulfate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, nucleotides (sodium salts of uridine, cytidine, adenosine Inositol, niacin, L-tryptophan, pantothenic acid, folic acid, copper sulfate, vitamin A, biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin B1, vitamin D, vitamin B6, manganese II-sulfate, potassium iodide , Sodium selenite, vitamin K, L-carnitine, vitamin B2
    Made without gluten-containing ingredients according to the law - gluten-free
    Important instructions
    nutrition: Breastfeeding is the best for your baby, because mother's milk supplies the baby with all the important nutrients in a precisely matched quantity. Moreover, it is the cheapest form of nutrition and a good protection against diseases. The sooner and more frequently you put your child on, the sooner the milk flow starts. A balanced diet during pregnancy and after delivery also favors breastfeeding, while the feeding of infant food can have a negative effect on breastfeeding. Because the decision not to breastfeed is difficult to reverse, talk to your midwife or your pediatrician if you want to use an infant formula. Observe carefully the instructions and preparation instructions on the packs, as an improper preparation of infant formulas can lead to health impairments.
    Tooth Health: All infant formulas contain carbohydrates. Improper administration of carbohydrate foods by frequent or lasting sucking from the vial can cause severe caries and thus impair health. Keep the vial by yourself and do not leave it to your child.