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GALLA PHARMA mino Acid Vitamin GPH Capsules 120 pcs

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  • Amino acids and vitamins are important natural substances. Every amino acid and every vitamin has a specific function in the human organism. The vitamins play an important role in energy production, they influence the entire metabolism and, together with the amino acids, are indispensable components of the daily diet.

    Amino acid vitamin GPH capsules contain 0.36 mg vitamin B1, 0.5 mg vitamin B2, 0.66 mg vitamin B6, 5 mg niacinamide, 40 mg vitamin C, 15 mg inositol, 33 µg biotin, 150 mg glycine, 150 mg L-phenylalanine and 150 mg L-methionine in a hard gelatin capsule.

    These capsules are a dietetic food and are suitable for supporting weight loss. In order to reduce weight, excess fat must be burned, but the body should also be supplied with sufficient nutrients. Amino acid-vitamin GPH capsules support the following on the path to weight loss:

    • have a filling effect
    • play an important role in burning fat



    Gluten free. Lactose free. Yeast free.

  • Take 1 capsule 3 times a day with liquid. Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for diet management for patients with obesity.

  • Glycine (24%), L-methionine (24%), L-phenylalanine (24%); Capsule shell: gelatin; Colorants in the capsule shell: titanium dioxide, iron oxide, Ponceau 4 R, quinoline yellow (can impair activity and attention in children!), Patent blue V; Ascorbic acid (6%), myo-inositol (2%), nicotinic acid amide (0.8%), pyridoxine HCl (0.1%), riboflavin-5-sodium phosphate (0.1%), thiamine HCl (<0.1 %), Biotin (<0.1%).