Organic Amaranth Fruit Muesli 1500 g

by Allos
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  • The Organic Amaranth Fruit Muesli in economic family pack of Allos is a delicious breakfast cereals with a 20% share of amaranth. The cereal has a high fiber content and serves as a source of magnesium and iron. The fruits give the cereal an extra fruity flavor - so you can start with enjoyment and momentum in the day.

    The six Amaranth cereals provide long-lasting energy without polluting!. They are, of course, delicious. The tested formulations with 20% valuable amaranth, a grafted with honey Flake with fruits, berries, nuts or plain chocolate be prepared in gentle preparation procedure on the Allos-yard. They are ideal part of a balanced breakfast, as they are rich in fiber. They are also depending on the variety, a magnesium and iron source or protein source.

  • Contains no declarable additives

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