Organic Amaranth Breakfast Base 400 g

by Allos
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  • Allos Amaranth breakfast porridge base is prepared quickly and is distinguished by its high amaranth share of 20%. It is an ideal component of a balanced breakfast, because it is rich in fiber and magnesium and iron source. Thanks to the fine consistency it is not onerous when consumed. This variety can be pure or enjoy individually with different toppings. Start with energy in the day! The five Allos Amaranth Frühstücksbreie provide long-lasting energy without polluting. They are, of course, delicious. The proven formulas with 20% precious amaranth, whole grain cereals and seeds, as well as rich Superfoods are made on the Allos farm. They are ideal part of a balanced breakfast, as they are rich in fiber and serve as magnesium and iron source. Thanks to its fine consistency they are not a burden on consumption. The high Amaranth share the Allos Amaranth Frühstücksbreie are pleasantly loose and airy.

  • Contains no declarable additives

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