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A-Derma Exomega Control Anti-Scratching Cream 400ml

by A-Derma
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  • A-Derma Exomega Control Anti-Scratching Cream 400ml is a plant-based, nourishing care cream for very dry skin prone to neurodermatitis. Counteracts microinflammation, can be used from birth. The wrong piece of clothing, cold, heating air or stress - and the skin rebels. If you suffer from neurodermatitis flare-ups, you probably know all too well how any external influence can become a potential trigger, how your skin becomes inflamed and itchy. Exomega Control Softening cream effective for skin prone to neurodermatitis If your skin is very dry and prone to eczema, regular creaming with the right product is the be-all and end-all. Exomega Control Softening Cream can help you to effectively prevent a neurodermatitis flare: if you apply it twice a day, it reduces the intensity and frequency the flare-ups. The suffering caused by the inflammation and the itching is relieved. For very dry skin and for eczema Soothes itching and reduces dry skin Nourishing cream ideal for skin dryness Soothes skin irritation Can be used from birth For allergy sufferers (designed to minimize the risk of overreaction) For face and body Sterile locking system for more security. 

  • Apply A-Derma Exomega Control Anti-Scratching Cream 400ml once a day to clean skin. Do not apply to open skin areas. Improved effectiveness in connection with Exomega cleaning. Hints Without fragrances and parabens Hypoallergenic pH skin neutral Not comedogenic Without EDTA, chlorphenesin, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil and silicones