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Calcium is also called life mineral. Because 99% of the calcium found in the body is stored in the bones and teeth. Only with this mineral do they become firm or resilient. Calcium also regulates the water and acid-base balance. Body functions such as blood coagulation, immune defense, the transmission of nerve impulses, stabilization of cells (more precisely cell membranes) in the body etc. depend on calcium. Even muscle work, which is mostly associated with magnesium, requires additional calcium. Therefore, it doesn't matter how old someone is. Everyone needs calcium, be it children, teenagers, adults or seniors. 


Iron is only contained in very small amounts in the human body, so that it is called "trace element". In a healthy adult, the amount of iron in the body is 4-5 g. This roughly corresponds to a small nail. Iron has a central role in the blood system. It is the main component of hemoglobin, the dye in the red blood cells and brings the vital oxygen into the body cells. Without iron, neither the oxygen binding in the lungs nor the transport of oxygen to the body cells would work. Iron is also important for energy metabolism, intellectual performance, thought processes and cell division. Unborn and infants are supplied through the mother or breast milk, so that a pregnant or breastfeeding woman needs more iron.


The human body cannot become magnesium itself. It has to take care of it. A possible supply is important because magnesium is treated for more than 600 metabolic processes. Muscle activity, healthy bones and the interaction of the nerves with the nervous system are just the tip of the iceberg. The importance of magnesium is evident in its full nature. Even in plants, magnesium plays a second role in using sunlight as an energy source to generate oxygen.


Zinc is a vital trace element that is required for a variety of functions in the body. Zinc is important for healthy skin, hair and nails, growth and development, sensory organs, wound healing, the immune system, for the fertility of men and women, for the taste senses and much more. The body cannot produce zinc itself, so care must be taken to ensure that zinc is adequately supplied with food. 

VicNic Recommendation

Zinkletten Verla Raspberry Lozenge

The taste is very natural after fruity raspberry. The tablets melt in the mouth and the intestines are taken very well with zinc. 

Recommended Products

Iron Verla Plus Directly 30 Sticks
Zinc Verla C Granules 20 sachets
Iron Verla C Pure Capsules 60 cap

Verla - About the brand

In 2017, the blue and yellow magnesium from the pharmacy turned 60, in line with the company's slogan "Mineral competence in the sign of the diamond". 60 years of experience and expertise are particularly evident in your loyalty to our products.

That leads us to keep going. Because Verla-Pharm is known to do more than magnesium. We incorporate new scientific knowledge into the further development producers. We are the driving force behind new product developments. These are the reasons why Verla Pharm medicines become in the relationships between magnesium deficiency, zinc deficiency, bone loss or gynecological rights. Selected herbal medicines, natural products and safe food supplements round off our product range. In our house under the production of nutritional supplements the same standards as that of pharmaceuticals. Because the complete intake of minerals or vitamins for the perception of a certain way of life is also very important to us.