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M.Asam Mega Sale
M.Asam Mega Sale


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Mineral Supplements

Normally we provide our body with sufficient minerals through a balanced diet. However, special circumstances or activities can lead to an increased need - for example, sports, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Age-related recovery disorders can also lead to a reduced intake of minerals. In these cases, supplementing the diet with mineral supplements can be useful to ensure an adequate intake. Abtei offers minerals that are important for many physical processes - including calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Skin, Hair And Nails

We all want strong fingernails, shiny hair and a radiant complexion. Unfortunately, the reality is often different. Skin, hair and nails are permanently exposed to external influences: intense sun, dry hot air, hot water and aggressive cleaning agents are a daily burden. The insufficient supply of important vitamins and minerals can also result in irritated skin, damaged hair and brittle nails. With a balanced diet, everyone can make a natural contribution to their health, well-being and radiance. Preparations for skin, hair and nail care can make a meaningful contribution.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are organic compounds that play an essential part in maintaining our physical health. Many of the vitamin compounds are vital. Since the human body cannot produce most of the vitamins independently, it is dependent on food intake. For this reason, a balanced and varied diet is particularly important. This includes, above all, fruits and vegetables, which are usually full of important vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Dietary supplements in the form of vitamin preparations can also support health and general well-being. They are particularly recommended in certain circumstances.


Digestive aid problems are common. When the stomach and intestines are out of balance, there can be many reasons for it. Improper diet and lack of exercise are just two of the possible causes. Often, those affected already change their lifestyle. Abtei digestive aids can  naturally help our body's digestion. Digestion problems can affect your every day life in many ways. The natural ingredients in Abtei's digestion products support the body and create a feeling of well being. 

Herbal Sedatives

Many people are plagued by the same problems: they are restless during the day and cannot fall asleep in the evening. These sleep disorders often result in other problems - nervousness, irritability, weakness and difficulty concentrating. This leads to increasing mental stress, increased stress and may even culminate in depression. More and more people are opting for a tolerable path before the signs become a full-blown problem. Herbal sedatives are particularly recommended here.

Vitality And Agility

The human hand is the model for many tools and machines. Many joints and connections of machine parts are based on nature. However, while we maintain and maintain machines, our own bodies are occasionally neglected. The joints and muscles of the body have to be “lubricated” and cared for like machines, so that they remain flexible and agile for a long time. Pain gels can help with muscle pain, and gelatine can be helpful for maintaining bones and for building and maintaining muscle mass. Gelatin is a purified protein mixture and consists of the most common protein in the human body.

VicNic Recommendation

Immune System and Cold

In the case of a normal cold, antibiotics are not useful because they are usually caused by viruses, against which antibiotics do not help. The good news: Within a week or two, a common cold has usually subsided. Anyone who is plagued by a stuffy nose, difficulty breathing and coughing by then can alleviate the symptoms. Various cold medications tailored to the symptoms are recommended for this. A stuffy or runny nose can also be an indication of an allergy. If the symptoms occur due to an allergy, they can be alleviated with special anti allergics.

Recommended Products

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Abtei - About the brand

Health is most important. You would like to talk about this - but still decide for yourself what is good for you. As an expert with over 100 years of experience, we make it possible. By helping to stay healthy and feel good. And by offering everyone the opportunity to discover their own path for their health.

For example, with easier orientation on the shelf. Or with proven and new products. Or by engaging in dialogue with people. And we do all of this because we believe that everyone can make the best of every day on their own.