Clear Skin Cleansing Mask 100 ml

by M Asam
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  • M Asam Clear Skin Cleansing Mask 100 ml - Pore-deep pure, clear skin
    Soothing Clay Face Mask (100 ml)
    - With healing clay for naturally beautiful skin
    - Visibly refines the skin appearance
    - Fights pimples, impurities & minimizes pores
    - Brings combination skin and impure skin back into balance

    The clay mask clarifies the skin deeply pure. The soothing properties of the healing earth counteract blemishes and it remains a refined skin. Excess sebum is absorbed and yet the skin is optimally moisturized and cared for. An application 1-2 times a week is quite sufficient.

    • can be applied 1-2 times a week or as needed


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