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Sale of the Week
Sale of the Week


CURAPROX - the product brand of Curaden AG - stands for Swiss premium products for oral health. The brand is obsessed with oral health - and have been since 1972. Thanks to almost 50 years of experience, Curaprox know that brushing your teeth is about much more than white teeth and fresh breath. For example, inflammation of the gums promotes heart disease and strokes. That is why Curaprox work closely with dental professionals. It's worth it: the products are highly effective - and at the same time they give pleasure, people like to use them. ...

The brand also encourage these dental professionals to develop a training program for their colleagues - and to train them in oral health prophylaxis. Every year thousands of dental professionals complete this training program worldwide. These certified specialists will support you too - they will show you how you can effectively care for your mouth, teeth and gums and keep them healthy in a simple way.

Brushing your teeth is really fun with CURAPROX. It is very easy. And you can see the results immediately. In addition, the design of the products motivates us to devote ourselves thoroughly - and happily - to oral health every day. The brand will continue to do everything in their power to develop the most beautiful and effective oral health products in the world. That's how they win many new CURAPROX fans every day.