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The story of Caudalie began in Bordeaux, when the founders Mathilde and her husband Bertrand met met professor Joseph Vercauteren, laboratory director of the Pharmacy University of Bordeaux. He told them that the most powerful antioxidants in the world can be found in grape seeds. This conversation has inspired the two founders to launch their first 3 products which are based on grape seed polyphenols. Convinced of the efficacy of their products, Mathilde and Bertrand started to travel across France, talking to pharmacists and presenting them their very first products. This was the start of a long success story of the brand Caudalie. In 2009, they launched the PREMIER CRU product line, which is the company’s most luxurious and flagship range. It combines the 3 exclusive patents that the brand holds. ...

Along the way, the brand stayed true to its original major ingredients of the grape seeds. Caudalie was the first to file a patent for the stabilization of resveratrol, a natural active ingredient which is extracted from grapevine stalks and has firming, anti-aging properties. Vines produce resveratrol in order to protect themselves.

Nowadays, Caudalie is an internationally renowned brand for its premium quality of natural skin care products. The firm has expanded by building a Vinothérapie Spa where you can enjoy special treatments and rejuvenate. Furthermore, the brand has set up the first boutique spa in 2012 in New York, where you can experience an urban twist to the brand’s Vinothérapie roots. Nowadays, there are over 50 boutiques worldwide. Since 2012 Caudalie is a “1% for the planet” member and has planted and protected over 4 million trees since then.