Organic Wholemeal Honey Waffles 175 g

by Eden
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  • Honey is ideal for sweetening baked goods. In many cultures, honey pastries therefore one of the typical desserts, such as the Turkish confectionery Halva (among others known as bdquo; Turkish honey & ldquo;). Also in Europe, particularly for Advent and Christmas, recipes with honey popular. Therefore, there is at EDEN bio pastry specialty with honey: honey whole wheat waffles.

    Ideal source of energy:The delicious EDEN wholegrain honey waffles are baked from the best whole-grain wheat flour. Your delicious filling contains exquisite honey and fine cinnamon. With its fine-aromatic honey flavor fit well with tea or coffee and are also a great source of energy for casual and advanced.

  • Storage in dry conditions

  • Like other raw foods, honey is not suitable for infants under the age of 12 months.

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